WWE WrestleMania 2016: Biggest X-Factors to Watch during Massive PPV

February 28, 2016 - WWE

WWE WrestleMania 32 is entrance adult on Apr 3, and a tip 3 matches are strictly set. Dean Ambrose will be stepping adult opposite Brock Lesnar, Shane McMahon will face off opposite The Undertaker, and Triple H will urge a WWE World Heavyweight Championship opposite Roman Reigns.

Two of those matches are sincerely predictable, while a other came from out of nowhere.

But it’s a astonishing and a opposite that is eventually defining WrestleMania 32. Too many categorical eventuality stars are on a shelf, that means too many questions are being asked. Will John Cena get behind in time? Is Sting maybe going to be there? What is Randy Orton‘s earthy status?

There are not many answers concerning a Superstars blank in action, so a work to make Mania a success falls to a guys carrying a load. Those Superstars are a ones who need to broach on Apr 3, and some of them have a ability to pitch a eventuality in one instruction or a other.


The New Day

The New Day appears to be starting a module with The League of Nations, a fact that is withdrawal many fans scratching their heads.

The New Day is a heel coterie and has been for utterly some time. The organisation might play adult to a crowd, a members are apparently carrying a blast along a approach and it’s tough for many fans to hatred them since they’re so entertaining.

However, Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston have shown no signs of doing a full babyface turn. Indeed, The New Day mostly berates a assembly in an bid to get over as heels.

But Sheamus and a heel League of Nations evidently have zero to do, so a association has combined this feud. Assuming The New Day does spin face before WrestleMania, afterwards fans can usually wish a dual groups arise chemistry.

That chemistry needs to develop fast.

The New Day is a guaranteed strike regardless of what label it’s requisitioned on, and Mania should be no different. But with no apparent reason to argument opposite The League of Nations, a legitimate storyline contingency get started shortly or WrestleMania might humour a consequences.

The New Day is entirely able of removing over notwithstanding what happens and is always prepared to entertain. Delivering their common code of idiocy on a WrestleMania theatre is accurately a comedy service WWE will positively need on Apr 3.


AJ Styles

AJ Styles is a right Superstar during a right time for WWE.

He is a categorical eventuality name a company’s been missing, and one who can slip right in on that turn to immediately make a difference. He’s tradition built to perform on a WrestleMania stage. All he needs is a right opponent.

Chris Jericho could have been that adversary, yet a dual have apparently put aside their differences in sequence to form a tab team.

While that might be a device on Jericho’s part, with a successive conflict on AJ heading to a final showdown during WrestleMania 32, there is no approach to know that. So if a man such as Kevin Owens is requisitioned to face AJ, afterwards that compare could good take a show.

AJ is approaching to perform during a high level, yet if he exceeds expectations in his initial WrestleMania match, he should come out of it as a tip actor in a company. He would fill a categorical eventuality mark and expected possess it from that indicate on, proof each night because he deserves to be there.

This is his possibility to shine, and he will positively make a best of it.

Fans wish him to do well, yet for those jealous usually how high he will go in WWE, WrestleMania should be a revelation. The best talents authority courtesy and always arise to a occasion; this ideally describes The Phenomenal One.


The Rock

Fans know that The People’s Champ will be during WrestleMania 32, yet that’s all they know.

WWE could use him in a high-profile match, yet if that’s a plan, it has not nonetheless been announced. He could act as a special guest arbitrate in a compare between Triple H and Roman Reigns, yet anything during this indicate is speculation.

Just toll a bell would during slightest be something for him to do.

Merely throwing The Rock during WrestleMania is not enough, though, and WWE positively knows that. There contingency be a devise in place for him to make a large impact on Apr 3 and supplement to a night’s altogether party value.

If there’s anything The Rock can do, it’s entertain.

WWE needs him during his best, and he positively will be regardless of what he does. In fact, his actions during Mania could lead to a compare for him during a after time. This is good news for many the WWE fans who wish to see him behind in a ring again, and it’s even improved news for WWE.

The association is struggling to fill categorical eventuality spots, and The Rock is categorical eventuality ready.

WrestleMania is a pull on a name alone, yet a fable such as The Rock would usually supplement some-more amour and fad to a event. As prolonged as he’s requisitioned in a right way, he would perform a people as usually he can.


Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon is a ultimate X-factor during WrestleMania.

He’s not a full-time pro wrestler. He’s not a part-time pro wrestler. The law is, he’s not unequivocally a pro wrestler during all. Yet he’s requisitioned to take on one of WWE’s many mythological performers, and it will occur inside Satan’s structure.

Hell in a Cell is one of a many critical gimmick matches in association history. Only a many heated feuds merit such treatment, and usually a feuds that make a many income should even be deliberate for a Cell.

This one has during slightest partial of that going for it.

WrestleMania equals money, so that many is taken caring of. But this is nowhere nearby being an heated feud, and it’s not even a argument during all. This compare depends on Shane and his ability to tell a story in a ring with a Undertaker.

How he looks and how good he does will establish a success of a compare itself. Taker can work with anyone and can make them demeanour good. But if this hitch has a delayed gait with no high spots, afterwards fans might remove seductiveness fast.

The weight to get this compare over falls on Shane, and if he delivers, afterwards it could turn one of a many noted WrestleMania moments of all time. It’s adult to him to move all he has to make it work.


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