WWE WrestleMania 32 Matches, Predictions, Rumors, and More

March 20, 2016 - WWE

It’s time for WWE WrestleMania 32! Yes, now that Fastlane is usually a memory and we’ve damaged by Roadblock, we’re streamer into WrestleMania 32…or WrestleMania Star if we wish to be some-more verbatim about it. 

Since Mar 31, 1985, WrestleMania has been THE tent stick uncover for WWE. Throughout a years, we’ve seen a satisfactory share of major, classical moments and extraordinary matches, from Hogan bodyslamming Andre a Giant to a bloody Steve Austin refusing to give adult in Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter. In fact, we even have a possess list of a 50 best storylines in WrestleMania history!

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The build for this uncover has been rather intriguing, especially due to a fact that so many of a register is injured. Big names like John Cena, Randy Orton, Sting, and Seth Rollins are off improving while Daniel Bryan usually had to retire due to mind issues.

Here’s all we need to know about WrestleMania 32

WrestleMania 32 Date

The uncover will take place on Sunday Apr 3 during a ATT Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

WrestleMania 32 Matches

First, let’s take a demeanour during a reliable WrestleMania 32 compare card.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This one’s been building given a days a guys from a Shield were tweeners. Even behind then, we’d see staredowns between Triple H and Roman Reigns, vouchsafing us know that Triple H showed him a many regard by far. When things got unwashed and it became Shield vs. Evolution, Triple H was a designer behind destroying a Shield from a inside by branch Seth Rollins opposite a others.

Triple H and Reigns have remained enemies for a following integrate years, though it unequivocally kicked into rigging when Reigns refused Triple H’s blessing to be a face of a company. He won a large pretension contest during Survivor Series and when Triple H offering his hand, Reigns Speared him…moments before losing interjection to a Money in a Bank cash-in around Sheamus. When Reigns unsuccessful to retrieve a pretension during TLC, he mislaid his mind and viciously pounded both Sheamus and Triple H. He broken Triple H so badly that he was off TV for a whole month.

Reigns finagled his approach into another pretension shot and won. Vince McMahon motionless that a Royal Rumble would be for a pretension and Reigns would have to urge it during #1. Triple H done his lapse during #30 and won a compare after expelling both Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Reigns warranted his shot during Triple H by defeating Ambrose and Brock Lesnar in a Triple Threat during Fastlane. Triple H motionless that he’d make certain there was zero left of Roman Reigns by WrestleMania by brutally violence him and outstanding adult his nose to a indicate of Reigns wanting surgery. Reigns returned several weeks after and kick down Triple H, display that he wouldn’t behind down.

Coincidentally, a throng is NOT digging Roman Reigns these days no matter how WWE tries to force him down a throats as a #1 coolest dude ever. This is Reigns’ compare to win and all, though design him to get booed out of a track for a good twenty mins or so.


Hell in a Cell Match for Ownership of Raw

In a outrageous shock, when Vince was giving Stephanie a self-centredness award, Shane McMahon done his initial WWE coming given 2009 to put a kibosh on it. Lots of backstory was introduced, especially in a clarity that Shane helped bail Vince out of difficulty years behind and Vince has personally due him for a while. Feeling that a Authority is for a birds and a uncover can be a lot better, Shane wants to run Raw. Vince has concluded underneath one condition: he has to win a singles compare of Vince’s choosing. If Shane wins, he runs Raw. If he loses, he no longer has reason over Vince.

To smoke-stack a contingency opposite his son, Vince has motionless to put him in a compare opposite a nigh-unbeatable Undertaker…in Hell in a Cell.

In other news: huh?

This should be an engaging one to contend a least. Get prepared for a many ungainly punches in wrestling.


No Holds Barred

At Fastlane, Reigns, Ambrose, and Brock fought it out for a right to be #1 contender. Although Brock was means to manhandle anyone in his path, a total competence of a dual Brothers-in-Arms was means to wear him down for a many part. Ambrose finished a compare by groan on Brock with a chair and stealing him from a ring, usually to eat a Spear and get pinned by Reigns.

On a subsequent night of Raw, Brock pounded Ambrose in a parking lot and slammed him by a limo’s windshield. Ambrose returned from a hospital, diseased as could be, though crawled his approach during Brock. Brock laughed it off, literally walked on Ambrose’s face, and done his exit. Ambrose challenged him during WrestleMania and Brock supposed by F5ing him to a floor.

Ambrose took a mangle from all of this by severe Triple H for a title, though now that that’s over with, Ambrose has armed himself to a teeth and is prepared to take Brock to a woodshed.


Triple Threat for a Divas Championship

Originally, doubtful allies Sasha and Becky were put in a compare to see who would turn #1 contender opposite Charlotte. The dual finished adult pinning any other. Then when they attempted it again, Charlotte pounded them both and done it a no-contest. As is a trope, a champ goes from, “Haha, we don’t have to urge a pretension during all and skip out on a outrageous payday!” to, “What do we mean, we have to quarrel them both?!” You’d consider after a 900th time this has happened, a champ would usually lay behind and wait for someone to win.

As many of a misfire as a Divas Revolution finished adult being due to some decaying storytelling, it is unequivocally cold that a 3 women who rose adult from NXT to a categorical register during a same time would be a ones who get to contest for a belt during a year’s biggest show.


Many weeks back, a Dudley Boyz beheld that a Usos were going to face a New Day in a Tables Match and offering to join them, creation it a four-on-four battle. Although a Usos/Dudleys group won, a Dudleys incited on their allies and slammed them by tables. Since then, they’ve been going on about how they merit to be dear for their possess merits as a best tab group and not for pandering with list spots.

The Usos finally recovered from a violence and dual PPVs later, we’re finally removing a match. If this doesn’t turn a Tables Match, I’m certain it will during slightest lead into one during a destiny PPV.


For a third year, we’ll be removing a large conflict royal, featuring guys who aren’t critical adequate to have singles or tab matches. Expect this to be a transfer belligerent for a likes of R-Truth, Goldust, Stardust, a Social Outcasts, and so on. Dolph Ziggler will substantially uncover adult here as one of a favorites. If anything, we figure this to be an forgive to have Braun Strowman mount high over a large cube of a roster.

New Day vs. League of Nations 

The adversary started at Fastlane, where a New Day done fun of a League of Nations during a Cutting Edge Peepshow segment. For weeks after, they continued poking fun during them with crazy impressions on amicable media…mostly in a form of Kofi Kingston articulate like a pirate. They kept defeating a League in tab matches, though afterwards a League had had adequate and kick a contingent down interjection to their higher numbers.

Kalisto vs Ryback

United States Championship Match

Ryback has grown a greedy meant strain newly and has taken to removing inside Kalisto’s head. He feels that his higher distance and strength, as good as his independence, creates him improved than a smaller champion. The dual did have a unequivocally good compare during the Survivor Series tournament months ago, so this could be a sleeper hit.

WrestleMania 32 Rumors and Likely Matches

Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles is in a works. Jericho and AJ had a trilogy of matches that finished with AJ winning and Jericho respecting him. They went on to turn a tab team, though during a initial pointer of trouble, Jericho blamed it on AJ and neglected him for his strenuous popularity. A Submissions Match perhaps?

Kevin Owens needs an competition for #KOMania and it looks like he’s found one in his aged opposition Sami Zayn. Sami’s arrived from NXT, where Owens degraded him for a NXT Championship and put him on a shelf during one point. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn will occur in some form, even if it’s a large multi-man Ladder Match or whatever.

For a residue of a Divas division, it looks like they’re going to be doing a six-woman tab of Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, and Paige vs. Lana, Naomi, and Tamina. This has especially been built around Lana creation fun of Brie, though Lana’s never unequivocally had any singles matches…at slightest not for a long, prolonged time. The other players have gradually been combined over a past integrate weeks.

All that and The Rock is going to uncover adult during some point. No thought what he’s going to do, though we doubt he’ll be doing many in terms of physicality. He’s a bit too bustling to risk succumbing to damage nonetheless again.

Keep checking behind here for some-more news on WWE WrestleMania 32!

Gavin Jasper is so prepared for this whole Authority angle to finally end. Just…just let it end. Please! Follow him on Twitter!

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