WWE WrestleMania 32 results: Roman Reigns wins title, large surprises

April 4, 2016 - WWE

WrestleMania 32 came to a end late Sunday night after a scarcely five-hour uncover that enclosed copiousness of surprises and a new World Heavyweight Champion as challenger Roman Reigns took down Triple H to win a pretension in a show’s categorical event.

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And now, a relapse of any WrestleMania 32 compare from a categorical card.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match — Zack Ryder def. Kevin Owens (c), Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Sami Zayn, Stardust, Sin Cara: Ryder’s feat was an comprehensive shocker to start off a evening. A pretension change would not have been a surprise, yet many approaching Ziggler or Zayn would go over in a match. Instead, it was Ryder who found himself alone atop a ladder. It will be engaging to see if this is partial of a legitimate pull by WWE or simply Ryder removing a WrestleMania moment.

Chris Jericho def. A.J. Styles around pinfall: Jericho and Styles put on a plain match, and yet it was insincere Jericho would put Styles over in a vast compare like he has so many other “new” superstars, it was indeed Y2J who came out on top. With conjunction Zayn nor Styles removing a push, things looked like they competence be flattering seared this evening.

League of Nations def. New Day around pinfall: Three matches and 3 treacherous victories. New Day’s tab titles were not on a line in a 4 vs. 3 encumber match, and while it done clarity that a organisation with 4 (League of Nations) won, it was startling to see a many “over” organisation in a association takes a purify detriment like this.

Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley appear: Following a aforementioned match, opening song strike for Foley, Michaels and afterwards Austin. They shortly went to a ring and, with some assistance from New Day, wiped a building with League of Nations. Foley (mandible claw), Michaels (superkick) and Austin (stunner) any strike his finisher with Austin double-dipping by nailing an additional stunner on Xavier Woods. Check out a highlights.

No Holds Barred Street Fight — Brock Lesnar def. Dean Ambrose around pinfall: Lesnar looked like an comprehensive savage during a match, attack 13 suplexes including his final in that he flung Ambrose onto a raise of chairs. Lesnar followed adult with an F5 onto a same raise of chairs for a purify pinfall victory. Ambrose looked plain in a affair, yet it positively done clarity for Lesnar to get a win. It was a bit stunning, though, that Ambrose didn’t get some-more nearby falls.

Women’s Championship* Triple Threat Match — Charlotte (c) def. Becky Lynch (via submission) and Sasha Banks: An evidence can be done that this was a compare of a night (and we have no problem creation pronounced argument). The 3 ladies put together a extensive opening with overwhelming nearby falls, good spots outward a ring and some engaging acquiescence combinations. It was approaching that Banks would go over with a feat (especially given she was led to a ring by her cousin, Snoop Dogg), yet Charlotte maintaining her pretension and stability her prevalence on a vast theatre was a plain move.

* Before WrestleMania 32, it was announced that a Divas Championship was being late for a lapse of a Women’s Championship. The belt is illusory and can be noticed in a live blog below.

Hell in a Cell — The Undertaker def. Shane McMahon around pinfall: It looked like WrestleMania was about to derail as this compare got underway with 51-year-old Taker and 46-year-old McMahon going by a motions. And afterwards McMahon flew opposite a ring to strike a Van Terminator and clipped a dungeon wall with a dual circuitous adult outward a cage. There were some superb bumps with ring barriers, monitors and a toolbox, and it looked like McMahon might have been staid for an dissapoint … especially when he climbed to a tip of a 20-foot dungeon … and afterwards leapt off a structure. Taker changed while placed on a list below, promulgation McMahon crashing to a belligerent in a impulse for a ages. McMahon went as distant as he could in a match, and he deserves vital props for his performance. Fans, though, are positively unhappy he won’t be using Monday Night Raw going forward.

Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal — Baron Corbin wins: Originally a kickoff uncover match, a conflict stately got slotted before a categorical eventuality and enclosed a series of engaging participants like Tatanka, NXT standout Baron Corbin … and Shaq. Though The Big Aristotle did not final long, he unequivocally put smiles on faces in a crowd. The compare did not final long, of course, and Corbin found himself face-to-face with Kane as a final dual group in a ring. Corbin, unannounced for a compare and creation his WWE categorical register opening during WrestleMania, knocked Kane out of a ring and took a victory.

The Rock says … Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had been billed as participating in an electrifying impulse during WrestleMania, yet when he took a theatre with a flamethrower and was simply surrounded by a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders until he strike a ring to announce that WrestleMania 32 had set an assemblage record, it seemed as if we were headed for a unsatisfactory showing. That’s when The Wyatt Family’s song hit. Following some written sparring, The Rock pronounced he was going to quarrel in a compare afterwards and now, and Wyatt threw Erick Rowan in a ring.

The Rock def. Erick Rowan around pinfall: The second a bell rang, The Rock strike his finisher, a Rock Bottom, and pinned Rowan in 6 seconds flat, environment a WrestleMania record. The Wyatt Family afterwards surrounded a ring until …

John Cena returns: Cena’s song strike and he ran his approach into a ring only months after shoulder surgery. Cena and The Rock teamed adult to transparent a ring of a Wyatts, and yet there was plenty possibility for a heel spin by Cena, it never happened. Instead, The Rock and Cena distinguished with a throng and walked off to cheers. Watch a lapse and review some-more here.

World Heavyweight Championship — Roman Reigns def. Triple H (c) around pinfall: Triple H came out to a ring in an over-the-top opening with his wife, Stephanie McMahon by his side. Reigns was booed before his song even hit, and a jeers continued via a match. There were nearby falls and acquiescence attempts by Triple H, who had a top palm many of a time, yet a waves incited when Stephanie McMahon entered a ring. Reigns had set adult Triple H for a spear, yet he changed out of a approach and Reigns nailed McMahon in a overwhelming moment. Triple H strike a extraction and got a two-count, so he grabbed a sledgehammer to finish a job. But Reigns avoided a sledgehammer, countered with a stalk and warranted a pinfall feat to turn a new champion.

Roman Reigns won a universe heavyweight championship Sunday. (WWE)

Overall: WrestleMania 32 positively had a moments. The extensive women’s triple hazard compare and Shane McMahon’s Van Terminator and dive off a enclosure unequivocally mount out, yet really, a vast partial of a uncover seemed to be WWE perplexing too hard. WrestleMania 31 a year ago had a comparatively diseased build yet over-delivered in a vital way; in fact, we could disagree it was an well-developed event. Similarly, WrestleMania 32 was not built as a clever uncover (in vast partial due to a unreasonable of injuries), yet a engagement roughly attempted too tough to make adult for that fact with Foley, Michaels, Austin, The Rock, John Cena and even Shaq concerned in a ring. None of those moments stood out a approach DeGeneration X and nWo attack a ring final year did. Grade: C

Check out all a highlights, cinema and live explanation below.

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