WWE WrestleMania 33: Titles Most Likely to Change Hands during Event

February 16, 2017 - WWE

Are Kevin Owens’ days as WWE Universal champion numbered?Credit: WWE.comGraham GSM MatthewsFeatured ColumnistFebruary 16, 2017

Although WWE WrestleMania 33 isn’t until Apr 2, a label for a Show of Shows has already begun to take shape. In further to mixed matches now being central for a event, several storylines were teased for WrestleMania entrance out of Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

For a initial time in 6 years, WrestleMania 33 will underline talent from Raw and SmackDown Live battling it out, definition there will double a movement than there has been in years past. Championships from both brands are firm to be adult for grabs on a Kickoff uncover as good as on a categorical card.

There isn’t a some-more wise theatre for a pretension to be won than WrestleMania, and this year’s installment should be no exception. A handful of feuds have been brewing for months, and it’s illusive they’ll cap with a championship changing hands during a open spectacle.


WWE Universal Championship

Credit: WWE.com

Kevin Owens is in possession of a WWE Universal Championship and has been given a summer. From Seth Rollins to Roman Reigns, he has shielded opposite all comers, though he hasn’t faced a aspirant a size of Goldberg.

Those dual will block off with a bullion adult for grabs at Fastlane, and it is probably a pledge Goldberg will be walking divided as a new champion. Following his quick better of Brock Lesnar during Survivor Series, no other outcome would make sense.

Once Owens cut ties with Chris Jericho on Monday night, it became apparent that his former crony could good be a one to cost him a championship. Either way, it appears a devise is to have Goldberg enter WrestleMania 33 as a WWE Universal champion.

On a same night he challenged Owens to a pretension match, Goldberg reliable he would face off opposite Lesnar in one final showdown during ‘Mania. He stays undefeated over his archenemy, that contingency meant that The Beast Incarnate will be winning their third compare together.

In that case, Lesnar would not usually kick Goldberg, though he would take his pretension as well. That would be utterly a end to WrestleMania if they do indeed pretension a event.


Intercontinental Championship

Credit: WWE.com

Interestingly enough, a Intercontinental Championship has altered hands during any installment of WrestleMania during that it has been shielded over a past 15 years. No champion has successfully defended a IC pretension during WrestleMania given 2001, when Chris Jericho kick William Regal.

For a past dual years specifically, a belt has been on a line in ladder matches, any featuring 7 men. As beguiling those contests were, they didn’t do anything to boost a status of a pretension or make it any some-more suggestive than it was before to that point.

Thankfully, it doesn’t demeanour like WWE is headed in that instruction this year formed off what happened during Elimination Chamber and a successive book of SmackDown Live.

Immediately after Dean Ambrose separated Baron Corbin from a WWE Championship Elimination Chamber categorical event, The Lone Wolf squandered no time inflicting punishment on a intercontinental champion. Corbin went so distant as to toss Ambrose by one of a pods, heading to Ambrose’s exit from a competition during a hands of The Miz.

A small dual days later, Corbin ambushed Ambrose before his hitch with James Ellsworth. Last year’s Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal leader has craved championship bullion given nearing on a categorical roster, and after a illusory year he has had, it would be ideal for him to constraint a pretension on a initial anniversary of his WWE debut.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Credit: WWE.com

WWE’s rebirth of a Cruiserweight multiplication got off to a delayed start late final year following a fibre of uninspiring programs and forgettable matches. However, a association has finished an glorious pursuit of branch it around of late, with Neville as a champion.

TJ Perkins, The Brian Kendrick and Rich Swann all had decent reigns before him, though Neville fits a purpose of ominous heel titleholder to perfection. He has annihilated all of his antithesis given returning in December, and Jack Gallagher will expected be his latest plant come Fastlane.

Fresh off his outrageous pretension feat during a Royal Rumble, Neville should be in possession of a desired esteem until WrestleMania. There, it would be a vital impulse for whichever Superstar can unseat him as a King of a Cruiserweights.

There isn’t most doubt that a division will have a vital participation during WrestleMania 33, though a chairman Neville defends opposite is a question. Austin Aries competence lapse to movement in time to plea Neville, or he could be placed in an open-style compare in that any aspirant in a multiplication has a shot during a strap.

Neville is firm to accommodate his compare earlier rather than later, and with so many up-and-coming athletes gunning for his gold, WrestleMania would be an suitable time for him to dump a title, either it be to Aries or someone else he has nonetheless to conquer.


Graham Mirmina, aka Graham “GSM” Matthews, is a Digital Journalism major at Endicott College. Visit his website, Next Era Wrestling, and “like” his official Facebook page to continue a conversation on all things wrestling.

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