WWE WrestleMania 34: Roman Reigns Beating Brock Lesnar And 5 Smart Booking Decisions

April 8, 2018 - WWE

WWE WrestleMania 34 has one of a many star-studded lineups in new memory, a installed label that is highlighted by Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns, John Cena vs. The Undertaker (we think), Ronda Rousey’s entrance compare and a in-ring lapse of Daniel Bryan.

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It’s tough for a WWE fan to ask for a some-more offset or well-rounded WrestleMania card, one that will expected continue WWE’s trend of a pay-per-view ruinous association annals during a fast rate. WrestleMania 32 set a series of records as both a many watched and highest-grossing eventuality in WWE’s extensive history, while WrestleMania 33 was noticed by even some-more fans in lane to a WWE Network subscriber count jumping to scarcely two million.

The success of WrestleMania continues to grow any year, and that seems to sojourn loyal even if fan greeting to a show’s label is rather lukewarm. However, there seems to be some-more hum and fad for WrestleMania 34 than a prior few WrestleManias, that should bode good for WWE in a try to boost TV ratings and supplement some-more WWE Network subscribers. The lapse of Bryan and a prolonged list of dream matches likes AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka should be adequate to make WrestleMania 34 a many successful ever.

But in engagement this event, WWE’s artistic group contingency demeanour over usually a pay-per-view itself. After all, in a lot of ways, a peculiarity of a matches themselves isn’t as critical as their outcomes and a post-WrestleMania storylines that they set in motion. Therefore, WWE contingency safeguard that it avoids controversial engagement during a PPV in sequence to set a theatre for intriguing and sparkling storylines during a post-WrestleMania lull.

Here are 5 intelligent engagement decisions WWE contingency make during WrestleMania 34.

Ronda Rousey Demolishes Stephanie McMahon

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It’s some-more than a year away, though WWE has already announced Ronda Rousey will contest during WrestleMania 35. And now, we might know why.

According to WrestlingNews.co (h/t Cageside Seats), “WWE skeleton to keep Asuka undefeated until a compare with Ronda Rousey during WrestleMania 35.” Asuka vs. Rousey would symbol one of a biggest matches in a story of WWE’s women’s division, and of all a vital matches WWE has had recently or could have in a nearby future, this dream compare substantially has a best possibility of being a initial women’s compare to categorical eventuality WrestleMania.

That’s why, many like Asuka has been requisitioned to be so dominant, a same contingency be loyal for Rousey, who appears to be transferring her sketch energy from UFC to WWE, where she is already assisting to boost live eventuality sheet sales and is featured as one of WWE’s tip sellers on WWEShop.com. Despite any hiccups she might have had in her brief WWE run so distant (and there have been plenty), Rousey’s recognition seems to be translating good to WWE, and that should continue as prolonged as a artistic group stays resolutely behind her.

Given all a hum and fad combined by Rousey signing with WWE, it’s doubtful WWE will lift a block on her pull anytime soon, and of course, that shouldn’t even be a care unless she’s a sum wave as a pro wrestler. That unfolding substantially will never happen, and even if it does during some indicate after on, it’s distant too early for WWE to even consider about a detriment for Rousey, generally given that WrestleMania 34 will be her entrance match.

Rousey and Kurt Angle should soundly improved Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, and a durability picture of that compare should be Stephanie possibly drumming out or being pinned by Rousey. Any other finish is a mistake that means WWE unsuccessful to gain on Rousey’s initial movement and has set her adult for failure.

The Undertaker Retires After Losing To John Cena

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One of a many ways WWE singular a sketch energy of John Cena vs. The Undertaker is when it motionless to book “The Champ” like “The Loser.”

Cena, after all, has mislaid many vital matches he’s been in given final summer, carrying been degraded by a likes of Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Shinsuke Nakamura and Seth Rollins during that span. Although Cena is expected to take another extensive hiatus after WrestleMania 34, he would advantage many some-more from defeating The Undertaker than clamp versa, generally with a odds that a pay-per-view might symbol a final time we ever see “The Deadman” wrestle.

WWE already busted a captivate of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania matches by carrying “The Streak” finish (and afterwards carrying him remove a second time), and with his compare peculiarity holding a vital nosedive during his final few WrestleMania matches, a essay is on a wall: It’s time for The Undertaker to strictly retire. There is no improved and some-more plausible star who should be given a respect of timid The Undertaker than Cena, who is WWE’s biggest star and its tip draw.

With a new engagement of Cena doing him no favors and portraying him as a past-his-prime veteran, WWE needs to retreat march on that truth and safeguard that he gets behind on lane with a WrestleMania victory, presumption his compare with Undertaker indeed takes place. There is still income to be done with Cena, WWE’s clear-cut No. 1 sell mover, while a company’s brood of part-timers, including a likes of Triple H, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton, has now done Undertaker expendable.

Especially with “The Phenom” ranking among WWE’s top paid stars, according to FORBES, notwithstanding typically usually operative one compare per year, it would be improved off regulating that income elsewhere during a time when ostensible attractions aren’t unequivocally relocating a needle anyway.

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