WWE WrestleMania Vs. The Super Bowl: Breaking Down The Business Of Both Extravaganzas

February 6, 2017 - WWE

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Never one to reason behind on a argumentative opinion, new WWE Royal Rumble leader Randy Orton had some colorful denunciation when comparing a Super Bowl to WrestleMania in an interview with NBC Washington

Said Orton:

WrestleMania is a Super Bowl of wrestling. Royal Rumble is removing in—winning a Royal Rumble is removing into a Super Bowl of wrestling. Screw a Super Bowl, we’re articulate about WrestleMania. Super Bowl ain’t got s–t on WrestleMania. WrestleMania is a biggest uncover on earth, a biggest uncover on earth, and we feel like everybody knows that. World-wide.

While WrestleMania is a Super Bowl of wrestling, a comparison to a football fan here in a states seem ludicrous. The Super Bowl is a inhabitant pastime, while pro wrestling has some-more of a niche appeal. Last year, Super Bowl 50 drew 111.9 million viewers and 16.9 million Tweets. Ad rates for a 30-second blurb mark went for $5 million. The Super Bowl is everywhere—in America. And while WWE has a corner in worldwide reach, what does that meant economically?

But in violation down a numbers, comparing a final 5 Super Bowls to WrestleManias hold in a same horde city, The Viper might be on to something.

Comparing Economic Impacts of WrestleMania, Super Bowl 

Host City
WrestleMania Event
Super Bowl Event

Tax Revenue

(WrestleMania; Super Bowl)

(WrestleMania; Super Bowl)
Economic Impact
(WrestleMania; Super Bowl)
Santa Clara
WrestleMania 31
Super Bowl 50
$23.2 Million; $11.6 Million
76,976; 71,088
$139 Million; $250 Million

WrestleMania XXVI
Super Bowl XLIX
$5 Million; $25 Million
72,219; 70,288
$45 Million; $720 Million

New York/New Jersey
WrestleMania 29
Super Bowl XLVIII
$16.6 Million; $7.5 Million*
80,676; 82,529
$101.2 Million; $500 – $600** Million

*$7.5 Million was lost revenue for Super Bowl due to NFL taxation breaks


New Orleans
WrestleMania XXX
Super Bowl XLVII
$24.3 Million; $34.9 Million
75,167; 71,024
$142.2 Million; $480 Million

WrestleMania 32
Super Bowl XLV
$23.8; 26.8 Million*
101,764*; 91,060
$170.4 Million; $612 Million
*Actual assemblage per SEC filings estimated between 74,000 and 86,000

The Super Bowl generates exponentially some-more than WrestleMania when it comes to mercantile impact, though WWE’s allied total in assemblage and ad income make WrestleMania a bigger crash for a sire of horde cities, who have to bid significantly some-more in sequence to horde a Super Bowl. It doesn’t assistance that a jury seems to be out on whether or not it creates business clarity to horde a Super Bowl. Articles from a Huffington PostUSA Today and the Wall Street Journal seem to advise a Super Bowl investment may not be a correct one.

source ⦿ http://www.forbes.com/sites/alfredkonuwa/2017/02/05/wwe-wrestlemania-vs-the-super-bowl-breaking-down-the-business-of-both-extravaganzas/

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