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September 28, 2017 - WWE

Jack Swagger no longer wrestles for WWE, though as someone who worked for a association from 2006-2017 and was universe heavyweight champion, he is well-qualified in determining who should be WWE’s universe champ.

“Cesaro should be universe champ,” pronounced Swagger. “I’m not fearful to contend it, Cesaro is my favorite wrestler. It used to be Kurt Angle, though it’s now Antonio Cesaro. He’s a strongest man there, he can go with anybody, and he is a man that a association can deposit in.”

Cesaro done headlines this past Sunday during No Mercy for losing his front teeth in a unusual tab compare with Sheamus opposite Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Swagger worked with Cesaro during their time together in 2013 and ‘14 as partial of a Real Americans.

“In further to being means athletically and being a strongest man in a room, Cesaro is unequivocally intelligent upstairs,” pronounced Swagger, whose new website offers some not-safe-for-work t-shirts. “He can go in a behind and combat a compare out in his head, afterwards he’ll supplement his Cesaro-isms in a ring to unequivocally make a compare special.

“He knows accurately where to put things and make a compare explosive. ‘Sell, sell, sell, afterwards holy sh–, explosion!’ He’s so flexible, and he’s done all his tab group partners better. He done Tyson Kidd better, and he was a pushing force for me in a Real Americans tab team. His large pitch is gold. He’s unequivocally hungry, and entrance from a indies, he has a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. He uses that as fuel to keep removing improved and not get complacent, and he would be a ideal man to be universe champ.”

The 6-foot-7, 35-year-old Swagger–who wrestles as “Formerly famous as Jack Swagger” due to WWE owning a trademark–defeated AR Fox in a strife of styles compare during a Limitless Wrestling uncover in Maine this past Friday.

“I’ve been examination AR Fox fly for years, and we prepared for him by examination compare after compare on a internet,” pronounced Swagger. “A lot goes into a match. You have to have chemistry with an opponent, and we have to have an atmosphere. We had that during Limitless. There are still many tools of a business we have to learn, though a escape of support from so many guys in each graduation I’ve worked, instead of going into business for themselves, is something I’m beholden for.”

Despite his resources of believe from operative with WWE, Swagger remarkable that he has already warranted a opposite kind of credit by operative on a indies.

“That’s a multiple of a internet, along with a lot of guys out here only busting their ass,” explained Swagger. “I wish to make a name for myself on a indie scene. we wish to acquire my travel cred.

“I wish to combat everywhere. I’m open to wrestling for Global Force, Lucha Underground, even if I’m underneath a mask, and Ring of Honor. we wish to work them all. Everyone is articulate about how prohibited a wrestling stage is in Japan, though a U.K. market, graduation opposite promotion, is unequivocally unchanging and growing. we only did WAW (World Association of Wrestling) in Norwich, England, and their radio prolongation value was amazing. we wrestled Cody Hall, who had [his father] Razor Ramon in his corner, and that was unequivocally cool. we wish to grow my code and assistance wrestling continue to grow, too.”

Swagger paid tighten courtesy to CM Punk’s entrance into a universe of MMA. With an pledge wrestling extraction during a University of Oklahoma, Swagger suggested that he is deliberation a quarrel with Bellator MMA.

“A quarrel would be a large risk,” pronounced Swagger. “It could assistance my pro wrestling career, or it could harm it.

“Once you’re an pledge wrestler, you’re always an pledge wrestler. we describe all to pledge wrestling, including a approach we watch basketball and a approach we watch football. My mind thinks as an pledge wrestler. That’s who we am.”

Although Swagger still puts his right palm on his heart and shouts, “We The People!” before his matches, life has altered for a former WWE champion, whose wife, Catalina Swagger, is now ringside as his manager.

“When we demeanour in a mirror, I’m a father and a father first,” pronounced Swagger. “This is a many time I’ve ever had to spend with my kids. we have dual kids, and they’re my world. we do all this for them.”

Swagger is beholden for a support from fans, who have embraced him on a indies.

“I’m over grateful,” pronounced Swagger. “Wrestling for wrestling fans is an honor. A lot of people wish me to contend disastrous things about WWE, though I’m unequivocally beholden for my career there. They gave me a vital and they gave my family a provision we would differently not be means to means during this age. Am we happy with everything? No, though it’s not my company.

“It’s time to pierce on, and receiving a escape of support we have given withdrawal is unequivocally special. The one thing I’ll always remember that Dutch Mantel told me is, ‘Brother, be disturbed when they stop seeking for your autograph. Be unequivocally grateful for this window.’ we am, and we try to give it behind to people.”

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