WWE’s Best and Worst Booking Decisions for a Week of Aug. 2

August 8, 2015 - WWE

With SummerSlam reduction than 3 weeks away, WWE put a best feet brazen as it strike a West Coast for dual shows in California.

Fans were also treated to a really touching reverence to a late Rowdy Roddy Piper. If we have nonetheless to see a tribute, or if you’d like to see it again, we can do so here.

WWE also reminded viewers of a nasty damaged nose John Cena suffered in his compare a prior week conflicting Seth Rollins. On Monday, Rollins took a page out of Cena’s book and offering an open plea for his WWE World Heavyweight title. Neville supposed it, and he and Rollins put on a good match.

As we demeanour during a rest of Raw and SmackDown from a past week, we’ll establish what was WWE’s best preference and what could have been better.


Best Booking Decision: Tag Team Match Announced for SummerSlam

Credit: WWE.com

SmackDown non-stop with Roman Reigns in a ring with a microphone. For many fans, that is customarily not seen as a good combination.

Reigns released a plea for a compare during SummerSlam. Looking to get punish conflicting Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper—the span that reunited during Battleground—Reigns due carrying Dean Ambrose as his partner and confronting them in a tab group match.

Not that prolonged ago, these 4 group were on conflicting sides of a fast argument between The Shield and The Wyatt Family. The six-man tab group compare a dual groups had during Elimination Chamber in 2014 was one of a best matches of that whole year.

Viewers had a awaiting of that compare to gnaw on for a generation of a show. Following Reigns’ feat over Rusev, Wyatt and Harper supposed a challenge.


What Does This Mean Going Forward?

This compare will assistance build a adversary between Reigns and Wyatt. Introducing Ambrose not usually gives Reigns a legitimate partner to conflict Harper, though it also gives a compare a components for what could be an sparkling encounter. 

If fans are lucky, these 4 group will be means to broach half of a compare that The Shield had with The Wyatt Family in Feb 2014. 

This compare is also filled with possibilities. Would WWE go as distant as to supplement a new member to The Wyatt Family and cost Reigns and Ambrose a compare again? There will expected be many people presaging only that.

This compare will put all 4 group precisely on a label for SummerSlam, and fans should design a rival match. While it can be argued that guys like Reigns and Wyatt merit a aloft mark on a card, this is a good mark that creates sense.


Worst Booking Decision: Another Loss for Rusev

Credit: WWE.com

As mentioned earlier, Rusev went down in better to Reigns to tighten out SmackDown.

Rusev interrupted Reigns to start a uncover right after fans schooled they would face off in a categorical event. Reigns was means to get a win after a spear, though it took some division from Lana to assistance get a pursuit done.

Rusev is only mislaid but Lana. Once unbeatable, it now seems some-more expected that Rusev will remove than win. Though he picked adult a large feat over Mark Henry on Raw, he suffered his second detriment in 3 weeks on SmackDown.

The storyline between Rusev and Dolph Ziggler is being built adult really well, even during Ziggler’s deficiency from television.


What Does This Mean Going Forward?

Rusev used to come opposite as an unstoppable monster. WWE has reduced him to a sniveling, whiny disaster who can’t seem to overcome a detriment of his manager, notwithstanding replacing her with someone else.

While it’s distinct that one would wish Lana behind in their corner, Rusev needs to turn widespread again. A compare with Ziggler in some form seems judicious for SummerSlam, so between now and then, Rusev shouldn’t remove another match.

Was it Lana who helped Rusev run roughshod over a whole WWE register for all of 2014 and partial of 2015? Or can Rusev be a same man regardless of who is in his corner? Rusev needs to recover his winning form. We’ve seen him fussy and great on radio adequate recently. WWE needs to pull him in a opposite instruction before he’s regarded as only another man on a roster.

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