WWE’s Best and Worst Booking Decisions for a Week of Aug. 9

August 15, 2015 - WWE

Over a past week in WWE, enrichment was finished on a storylines that are assisting figure a arriving SummerSlam event.

Stephen Amell, star of a strike uncover Arrow, interjected himself into WWE action, and Randy Orton came within an eyelash of apropos WWE World Heavyweight champion? Did anyone consider he was indeed going to improved Seth Rollins though?

WWE pulled a aged multiplication card, carrying Sheamus come out and cost Orton a title. If you’ve watched WWE for some-more than a few months, we substantially accurately expected that unequivocally finish.

But even with that said, it doesn’t acquire a eminence for misfortune engagement preference of a week. Instead, we take a closer demeanour during a label for SummerSlam.

WWE combined to a label with several matches this week. One of a additions is intriguing, while another usually doesn’t make many sense.


Best Booking Decision of a Week: Adding Three-Team Elimination Match to SummerSlam

Credit: WWE.com

WWE is unequivocally pulling a Divas division, and justly so. A good bid has been finished to confederate a 3 women who have been changed adult from NXT—Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks—into a division. That has translated into a many improved product.

Nikki Bella has hold a Divas pretension given Survivor Series final year. Her power as champion is entrance a record in length, and she will roughly positively mangle that record, if for no other reason than to mislay A.J. Lee from a story books.

But let’s be honest: Nikki hasn’t accurately had to take down a biggest foe a multiplication has ever seen in sequence to grasp that prolonged pretension reign.

The inclusion of Charlotte, Lynch and Banks has breathed new life into women’s wrestling in WWE, and a three-team rejecting compare that has been combined to SummerSlam is explanation of that.

At SummerSlam, Team Bella (Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox) will face Team B.A.D. (Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina) and PCB (Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch). These 3 teams will conflict in what should be a furious rejecting match.

When was a final time a Divas were put in a position to have a large compare during SummerSlam? For these 9 ladies, this will be a good eventuality to make a multiplication an even bigger partial of a show.


What Does It Mean Going Forward?

If you’re not a fan of a Divas multiplication or women’s wrestling, we substantially won’t be too vehement for this match. However, if we are, this is an critical compare for a destiny of a division.

WWE has finished a plain pursuit of pitting these 3 womanlike factions opposite one another, and feuds for a destiny are being developed.

Regardless of who wins a compare during SummerSlam, this will be a possibility for these women to contest on one of a biggest stages in a whole attention and to make a durability clarity on viewers.

WWE has finished a accordant bid to pull women’s wrestling. This compare will be constituent for a future.


Worst Booking Decision of a Week: Making a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match

Credit: WWE.com

WWE has such a inclination to do this.

What happened to carrying dual tab teams conflict for a Tag Team titles? All we need is two. But as is mostly a case, WWE has a pay-per-view eventuality entrance up, and it feels a need to put tab group matches featuring mixed teams on a card.

The Prime Time Players and The New Day have combined an intriguing rivalry. These dual teams should be confronting off for a titles during SummerSlam. Instead, Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons have been thrown in for what seems like positively no reason to make it a Fatal 4-Way.

Could possibly one of those teams win a match? Certainly. But that would make even reduction sense.

Instead, these teams are being thrown into a compare to make it some-more exciting, during slightest from a viewpoint of WWE.

Matches like this are fun from time to time, though WWE has usually finished it too often. It’s not a bad thing to go behind to a approach things once were each now and then. For instance, carrying a dual tip teams in a association conflict for a belts.

Why not have a 2-out-of-3 Falls match? For a lot of fans, that would be many some-more sparkling than a compare we’ll see during SummerSlam.


What Does It Mean Going Forward?

It doesn’t meant much, really. This is a compare that is usually being placed on a label to take adult some time, and while a pretension change could happen, it would be a bad move.

The many expected unfolding is that Titus O’Neil and Darren Young keep a belts and their argument with The New Day continues for a subsequent integrate of months.

If a pretension change is to take place, it would usually make clarity for The New Day to constraint a gold. That way, a adversary between them and The Prime Time Players could feature and lead into a compare between a dual teams during one of a large events down a line.

This would be a same compare that they should usually be carrying now.

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