WWE’s Best and Worst Booking Decisions for a Week of Jul 13

July 18, 2015 - WWE

As WWE heads toward a subsequent large event, Battleground on Sunday, we take a demeanour behind during a week that was.

On Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins intent in a agreement signing for their arriving WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. In further to that, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks all came adult from NXT to seem on a show, formulating an aura of fad that hasn’t been seen within a Divas multiplication in utterly some time.

On SmackDown, The New Day picked adult a feat in tab group movement over The Lucha Dragons, and Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt furthered their adversary before to their one-on-one conflict during Battleground.

Will any of these things acquire a eminence of best or misfortune engagement preference for a past week?

While it is unfit for WWE to greatfully all of a viewers all of a time, certain things come opposite improved than others. Whether it is a good match, a good promo or a demeanour in that one Superstar picks adult a victory, we will demeanour during all aspects of WWE programming opposite a past week.

With that said, that preference was a best, and that one usually didn’t make many sense?


Best Booking Decision: Cesaro Defeats Rusev

Credit: WWE.com

Though a steer of Lynch, Charlotte and Banks on Raw was refreshing, it’s easy to get vehement over saying Cesaro get one of a many considerable wins of his WWE career.

More than once, WWE has missed a vessel on branch Cesaro into one of a tip talents, though things could be relocating in a right instruction for a Swiss Superstar.

When his tab group partner Tyson Kidd went out with an injury, it would not have astounded many fans if Cesaro was once again mislaid in a shuffle. Instead, he has stepped adult in a large way.

A good opening opposite John Cena on Raw seems to have lighted Cesaro’s latest push, and final Monday he intent in a Triple Threat compare that also concerned Kevin Owens and Rusev. The leader of a compare would acquire an evident shot during a United States pretension opposite Cena.

After Owens walked out on a match, Cesaro and Rusev went behind and onward in a fight that could have left possibly way. Rusev emerged victorious, outlasting Cesaro after a unbending superkick to a chest.

On SmackDown, Rusev and Cesaro were scheduled for one-on-one action. Though Cesaro valid he could hang with Rusev, this is a kind of compare he roughly always comes adult brief in.

Rusev is building a prohibited module with Dolph Ziggler, and carrying him better Cesaro would make him demeanour many stronger streamer into that contingent match. On tip of that, Cena is a usually Superstar to get a pinfall or acquiescence win over a Bulgarian Brute.

That altered when Cesaro pinned Rusev on SmackDown following The Neutralizer. It was a bit of a startle to see Cesaro get a win though a lovely one. 

This seemed to uncover that WWE has taken a new seductiveness in Cesaro, maybe finally listening to a crowds that have roared in capitulation for him for a past several years.

Cesaro should figure into a United States pretension design soon, and after that, he could finally stand adult a final stage of a self-evident ladder. That’s good to see, since he positively deserves a opportunity.


Worst Booking Decision: R-Truth Defeats King Barrett Again

Credit: WWE.com

It was good to see WWE dedicate a night on a WWE network to a King of a Ring tournament. The contest was always one of a many sparkling aspects of WWE.

The contest returned for dual nights, with Bad News Barrett winning matches over Ziggler, R-Truth and finally Neville to secure a crown. Barrett put on a stately robe, and it looked like he was prepared for a new start, even referring to himself as King Barrett.

Though it has been finished before, Barrett has a ability to make it work. He has prolonged been one of a many gifted Superstars on a whole roster, though many like Cesaro, he’s also been grossly misused.

The King of a Ring seemed to be a approach of changing that. Instead, a usually purpose that apropos a aristocrat of WWE has served for Barrett is to remove mixed matches to R-Truth.

That happened again Monday night on Raw, when R-Truth picked adult a win over Barrett. On Sunday during Battleground, a dual will accommodate again for Barrett’s crown.

This is a compare that will do small for Barrett. If he wins, all he has finished is collect adult a feat over R-Truth. If he loses, afterwards WWE will have effectively broken a whole 2015 King of a Ring in a matter of dual months.

Like Cesaro, Barrett deserves more. After a compare during Battleground, he needs to be towering adult a card. He should have a uninformed angle that can assistance mortar him behind toward a categorical event.

Unless, of course, WWE decides to take a climax off him and put it on R-Truth. If that happens, not usually will Barrett’s destiny be in critical jeopardy, though there will be an early favorite for misfortune engagement preference of subsequent week.

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