WWE’s Best and Worst Booking Decisions for a Week of Jul 26

August 1, 2015 - WWE

WWE is pulling tough toward a annual SummerSlam event, and now that a showcase will be 4 hours long, a association has done another pierce to furnish a pay-per-view in a identical conform to WrestleMania.

While a usually central compare during this indicate is The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, WWE modernized storylines this week, looking to pull a matches that will assistance fill out a rest of a card.

In a categorical eventuality of Monday Night Raw, John Cena suffered a nasty damaged nose while successfully fortifying a United States pretension opposite WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins.

On SmackDown, a group of Cesaro and Dean Ambrose emerged winning over Rollins and Kevin Owens. In that bout, Cesaro got a pinfall feat over Owens, and a compare between a dual group seems expected for SummerSlam.

In reviewing a rest of a movement from a week, what was a best engagement preference WWE made? How about a worst? See if we determine with a choices. If not, let us know your thoughts in a comments territory below.


Best Booking Decision: Sasha Banks Goes over Paige

Credit: WWE.com

In new weeks, WWE has been heavily compelling a new series in a Divas division, and to this point, a whole angle has been requisitioned really well. The categorical reason for that has been a fact that a 3 girls who usually assimilated a roster—Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch—have all looked really clever given debuting.

WWE has mostly done a mistake of fast burying new talent. That hasn’t been a box here. What kind of series would it be if these ladies were losing any and any compare to a Divas who’ve been there for utterly some time—female wrestlers many viewers were expected removing wearied with?

All 3 women looked good on Monday night. The group of Charlotte and Lynch degraded Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox when Lynch done Fox daub out to her armbar. However, it was Banks who done a biggest impression.

Regular viewers of WWE NXT know how good Banks has been. The stream NXT women’s champion has positively warranted a mark she is in. But a detriment to Paige would have fast knocked her down a few rungs on a ladder.

Defeating Paige, a former two-time Divas champion, would yield a good plume in Banks’ cap. But would WWE indeed book a compare to go that way? It seemed like a primary mark for a suspension finish or a no-contest in sequence to strengthen both girls.

Instead, Banks was means to get a win after initial evading a acquiescence try by Paige and afterwards pulling Paige down opposite both of her knees before requesting a Bank Statement. Not usually did Banks win a match, though she did so by submission.


What Does It Mean Going Forward?

Many of Paige’s supporters would expected not determine with this decision, though it puts her in a position to find punish for a defeat.

WWE has a infancy of a Divas concerned in this angle during a moment, that means fans will see any probable multiple of matches during slightest once. With that said, a big-money argument for a destiny in a multiplication is Paige vs. Banks. The initial large win went to Banks, though down a highway this compare will be forgotten.

For now, it creates Banks demeanour even stronger, and she needs that. Having partners such as Naomi and Tamina Snuka on her side means she will expected find herself on a losing finish of this conflict in a prolonged run.

Banks has a good future. It’s excellent to have her dump some tab group matches, though WWE needs to put her over in singles movement many some-more mostly than not.


Worst Booking Decision: Kevin Owens Already Facing Randy Orton

Credit: WWE.com

Yes, being means to foster this compare as a “first time ever” that Kevin Owens and Randy Orton faced off was a proceed to keep viewers tuned in to a program. However, that was about a usually good reason to put it on a show.

Owens has a ability to be a tip heel in WWE earlier rather than later. His new argument with Cena was explanation of that. As a result, there are several outrageous matches in store for Owens down a road, and one of those would be with Orton.

One of WWE’s biggest faults with a stream product is it gives divided too many for nothing. Even if a business has developed immensely in a final 25 years, wouldn’t it be lovely if a association were to select to make fans wait for things any now and afterwards like it used to in a aged days?

Owens and Orton is a argument that, if requisitioned properly, could title usually about any pay-per-view event. But if a compare has already happened dozens of times on giveaway radio before that, should fans care?

Owens has issues with Cesaro, and Orton is building a module with Sheamus, so this compare was used as a proceed to raise both storylines by carrying Sheamus and Cesaro get concerned in a aftermath. Any savvy fan knew there expected wouldn’t be a leader in this one.

Which raises a question: Why do it? Why not do something backstage or even an in-ring promo? Even if a compare was short, WWE has already taken divided something from fans by giving them a glance of this compare in a suggestive moment.

Owens is going to go on to good things in WWE. But that doesn’t meant he needs to be in a ring with one of a tip stars any and any week. His argument with Cesaro is perfect, and a compare between a dual during SummerSlam could be a best compare we see in 2015. But let’s save matches with guys such as Orton for a after date.


What Does It Mean Going Forward?

Knowing a proceed WWE uses a tip Superstars, fans should get used to saying Owens in spots like this. He’s already been in a ring with Cena, Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Rusev. By a finish of 2015, he will have faced any vital star on a roster, even if many of a matches haven’t meant anything.

WWE has mislaid a art of anticipation. That happens when we have 5 hours of radio any week. Still, it would be good to see a graduation take a opposite approach, even if it were usually any once in a good while.

Certain matches and feuds would be so many some-more sparkling if they did.

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