WWE’s Brock Lesnar about to burst behind into a UFC

July 8, 2018 - WWE

Brock Lesnar cut a promo to set adult a championship quarrel — though it wasn’t for his WWE Universal title. It was for a UFC heavyweight belt, a quarrel UFC boss Dana White told reporters a association is really going to make.

Lesnar was in assemblage for UFC 226 in Las Vegas and watched light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier stop heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic in a initial turn to join Conor McGregor as a usually warrior to reason dual championship belts simultaneously.

After a fight, Cormier called out Lesnar, a former UFC heavyweight champion, and invited him into a cage. A smiling Lesnar walked adult to Cormier and pushed him, environment off a furious scene.

“Push me now, [and] you’re going to nap later,” Cormier, 39, yelled during Lesnar. “Your days are in a past. In a mill age.”

In a promo fit for a WWE, Lesnar pronounced he was gunning for Cormier.

“DC, I’m entrance for we motherf–ker,” Lesnar pronounced in a enclosure before throwing a mic into a camera.

Cormier — who wouldn’t order out fortifying his light heavyweight pretension before confronting Lesnar — told reporters there was zero staged about their theatrics. He usually saw an event to light a intensity big-money fight.

“When Brock motionless to step in a octagon with me, he’s a pro wrestler. He does feign fighting,” he said. “I’ll do feign fighting with we until we put my fist upside of your face.”

Lesnar, 40, hasn’t fought in a UFC given defeating Mark Hunt during UFC 200 in Jul 2016. The hitch was altered to a no competition after Lesnar was dangling for one-year by a Nevada Athletic Commission. He tested certain for a anti-estrogenic representative hydroxy-clomiphene in an out-of-competition U.S. Anti-Doping Agency drug exam before a quarrel and in an in-competition exam a day of a bout.

The hitch with Cormier, who has usually mislaid to Jon Jones, approaching will not occur until Jan during a beginning given Lesnar is in a early stages of a routine to get behind in a USADA drug-testing pool and has about 6 months left on his suspension, according to White. Cormier pronounced he will usually quarrel Lesnar if a WWE star is clean. He wants Lesnar to do a USADA contrast as good as additional testing, even if Cormier has to compensate for it.

“I don’t wish to quarrel him if he’s dirty, man,” Cormier said. “Do it a right way.”

White pronounced Lesnar was going to quarrel whomever won Saturday night during T-Mobile Arena. While saying he has not talked to WWE authority and CEO Vince McMahon about Lesnar’s UFC return, a former NCAA wrestling champion is “free and clear” as distant as his WWE agreement is concerned. The WWE put adult a story on a website about Lesnar being speckled during UFC 226.

“Him and Vince have a good relationship,” White said. “He’s not going to do anything to piss Vince off.”

Lesnar has mostly been an absent champion with WWE given winning a Universal pretension from Bill Goldberg during final year’s WrestleMania. He has shielded a belt usually 10 times given then, and his final WWE compare was Apr 27 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Lesnar not wrestling or appearing on WWE radio has turn a vital partial of his storyline with a company. The subsequent time he is approaching to combat is during SummerSlam during a Barclays Center on Aug.20.

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