WWE’s Christmas Wish List: 5 Things Vince McMahon Should Ask For

December 23, 2016 - WWE

WWE got copiousness of early Christmas presents in 2016, from AJ Styles’ entrance to a lapse of Goldberg to a record-setting WrestleMania 32.

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But if Vince McMahon woke adult on Christmas morning and had some more presents underneath his tree, what would he wish them to be? For all a smashing accomplishments WWE had this year, like a success of SmackDown and a revamped women’s division, there are still copiousness of things WWE is anticipating to have for 2017.

Here are 5 Christmas “gifts” that could advantage WWE in a vital way.

Better Ratings and More WWE Network Subscribers

Raw started off 2016 averaging good over 3 million viewers (and infrequently some-more than 4 million), a series that forsaken off to next 3 million by a finish of a year. Likewise, SmackDown’s numbers have forsaken given a uncover started airing live on Tuesdays behind in July.

Meanwhile, WWE fell brief of a idea of carrying 1.49 million WWE Network subscribers by a finish of a third entertain of a year. In other words, WWE isn’t attracting a volume of viewers that it desires, that is partly due to cord-cutting though is also a outcome of what during times amounts to muted programming.

It’s no tip that a improved uncover equals some-more viewers which, in turn, equals some-more income in McMahon’s pocket. That all starts with a artistic team, that will have to give fans a reason to watch in 2017 in sequence to boost ratings and move some-more fans to a WWE Network.

The Return Of Kurt Angle

After a new lapse of Goldberg, Kurt Angle is maybe a sole remaining vital luminary who hasn’t seemed for a association in years though could still make an present dash if he did.

WWE has shown a eagerness to concentration on part-time stars like Brock Lesnar and Triple H, and with a likes of Lesnar and John Cena being proven draws, Angle would positively fit a mold as a special captivate performer identical to those stars. Angle has, as intolerable as it might sound, been divided from WWE for 10 years, though he has a outrageous fan base, can still perform in a ring and has maybe one final run in him before unresolved adult his boots for good.

If WWE is looking for a approach to emanate some hum and move in a able maestro who can assistance urge business, Angle is a male who can do that, and WWE should make it occur before it’s too late.

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