WWE’s ongoing Roman Reigns problem

August 15, 2016 - WWE

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Since a drop of one of WWE’s many dear tab group trios, The Shield, in 2014, any of a members — Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns — has left on to be successful as singles wrestlers. While Rollins has risen as one of a “New Era’s” biggest heels over a march of a past dual years, and Ambrose has ascended to turn a loyal tip babyface (if an doubtful one) as WWE universe champion, Reigns’ impression and his description of it have struggled to find footing.

The WWE has attempted to make Reigns a many definite good male imaginable, with his several fights opposite The Authority — essentially stoical of Rollins, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon — station as his primary storyline over a past dual years. The pivotal problem lies in Reigns’ fan accepting when battling during a categorical card: He’s created to be a kind of face that John Cena has represented for a association over a past 11 years.

WWE’s Roman Reigns dangling for wellness violation

WWE luminary Roman Reigns, whose authorised name is Joe Anoa’i, was dangling for 30 days on Tuesday for violating a company’s talent wellness policy.

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  • While Reigns faces a identical turn of contempt to Cena’s from many comparison fans, he also gets during slightest a small bit reduction support from a younger fans that are typically means to change a “Cena sucks” chants with “Let’s go, Cena” to transparent usually how many support Cena retains to this day.

    There have been some signs of a change in Reigns’ stream argument with United States champion Rusev, as this pierce feels like a demotion; Reigns has been in a WWE universe championship design for a past dual years, winning a tip pretension 3 times.

    Before he can get behind to fighting for a tip pretension on his brand, a Universal championship, Reigns still needs a impression makeover.

    These are a hurdles he faces going forward.

    Problem 1: His opponents

    Roman’s problems as a impression start with his opponents.

    In a infancy of his feuds and premier matches, Reigns has faced off opposite some of a tip headliners a business has to offer — many of whom reason a significantly aloft volume of honour from a WWE Universe. Right from a start, his commencement singles feuds enclosed Rollins, Randy Orton, Big Show, Triple H, Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar.

    The feuds with those aforementioned names have had Reigns, as a character, with his behind opposite a wall. Even opposite a likes of Rollins and Triple H — dual classical heels in their feuds with Reigns — a throng embraced a bad guys, for one reason or another. Reigns unsuccessful to hoard a amour of a fan base, and partial of it stems from who he has faced.

    Problem 2: The writers

    WWE’s writers have given Reigns one of a heaviest ascending battles to apropos a categorical eventuality contender in new memory. Rollins strike a right records early and fast perceived a toll publicity from live crowds and fans in his new purpose as a male we adore to hate. Ambrose went by a classical buildup of being a mid-card captivate as United States champion and after Intercontinental champion, before lifting himself adult into a categorical eventuality by winning a WWE universe championship.

    Reigns’ quarrel opposite management is informed to WWE fans, and it has worked before. In a Attitude Era, this plan worked intensely good for Stone Cold Steve Austin, who mostly feuded with Mr. McMahon, and it was likewise effective for D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels), who did a same. The storyline isn’t broken, yet a approach a writers have approached it with Reigns is.

    Even in Reigns’ biggest moments — his 2015 Royal Rumble win; his Wrestlemania 31 quarrel with Lesnar; and his large win during Wrestlemania 32 over Triple H — a greeting from a throng was tepid; fans possibly secure for his well-respected opponents or didn’t conflict during all. That’s not good.

    Problem 3: The mic work

    Reigns’ biggest smirch is on a mic, where he lacks a one pivotal member that can get a wrestler to win over fans, no matter how good they are technically in a ring. Being means to speak is what creates some of a best talent in a WWE as good as they are.

    Getting behind to Problem 2, wrestlers who are bad during this have historically had managers for them. For example, Brock Lesnar has struggled during times on a microphone during his stream reign in a WWE, yet his manager Paul Heyman some-more than covers adult for his faults — and creates Lesnar demeanour ominous as a wordless and dangerous brawler. Greats like The Undertaker and Kane had Paul Bearer, elucidate a intensity issues their wordless appearance competence means — and creation people vehement for their characters. This could work for Reigns, who out of a ex-Shield contingent positively has had a many difficulty on a mic.

    Problem 4: The suspension

    On Jun 21, Reigns was dangling from a WWE for violating a company’s wellness policy. While specifics of a defilement are not known, if Reigns and a WWE wish him to be a face of a company, representing them feeble does any celebration no favors.

    Even yet he returned for Battleground and achieved good with Ambrose and Rollins for a title, Reigns’ cessation puts a cut on his career that he truly couldn’t means during that sold moment, given his stream station with fans.

    WWE could have rolled with a punches and given in to renouned demand, regulating a occurrence to lift Reigns towards being a heel. It would be a some-more healthy fit, given throng reactions and a bad male tarnish of a suspension, and a wordless persona churned with certain heel-like elements of his demeanour — his careless brave and all-black rigging that’s an artifact from when The Shield pennyless into a WWE a many prevalent among them — yet WWE simply didn’t lift a trigger.

    The solution?

    For a time being, it appears to be Rusev.

    Despite a difficulty they were in, it looks as if a WWE writers have found a resolution for Reigns in a ideal stereotypical heel that Rusev is. Not usually does it give Reigns a possibility to sojourn in a spotlight with a pretension shot (and a intensity win) going into one of a biggest pay-per-views of a year, yet it also gives him a possibility to build from a belligerent up, identical to Ambrose’s journey.

    His problems, in a end, aren’t about his wrestling ability, that has gradually softened over a past year and was entirely on arrangement in his feuds with A.J. Styles and his Shield brethren. He has shown his bravery as a clever aspirant in a ring. His signature moves — a Superman punch and a stalk — positively come with glamour and story of their own, nonetheless he’ll fundamentally be compared to prior stars, such as Edge, Goldberg and others, who done a pierce so popular.

    By fighting someone like Rusev, who is as zodiacally hated by a fan bottom as any impression in a association during this moment, Reigns has a possibility to truly arise to a arise as a kind of good male that a WWE has wanted him to be given a retraction of The Shield. The usually disproportion is a large one: He’ll get a possibility to emerge into that spotlight naturally, rather than being forced there.

    If he beats Rusev, it’s probable we’ll see Reigns conflict it out with a likes of Wyatt, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil — providing plenty eventuality for Reigns to stand a self-evident ladder and hoard some honour from a fans. There are pitfalls to be heedful of there too, though: Most of those opponents already have extensive support from a crowd, and a wrong pierce could remove a certain stairs Reigns has taken of late.

    A win for Reigns during SummerSlam and a possibility to run with a United States championship could be a commencement of a correct revision of his character.

    But no matter what, it’s extravagantly transparent that Reigns has a prolonged approach to go before he reaches a turn that a WWE has attempted to lift him toward as a categorical eventuality player.

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