WWE’s Ratings Problems Lie in Raw’s Predictability

December 1, 2015 - WWE

WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw, has been in a ratings slip for months, attack a low indicate final week by averaging reduction than 3 million viewers—the misfortune week for WWE given The Attitude Era, according to WrestleZone.

Some fans disagree that WWE’s PG programming is to blame; a problem is many simpler: WWE has gotten too predicted in a storytelling, withdrawal tiny for fans to balance in to watch. 

Even a smallest tweaks to a formulaic programming could do wonders. Instead, a association continues to use a same scripts week in and week out while viewers continue to remove interest.


PG Rating No Excuse for Plummeting Viewership

A common refrain from a Internet Wrestling Community is a fact that The Attitude Era was irritable with a storytelling, regulating sex and NSFW denunciation to pull millions and millions of viewers each Monday night. 

Unfortunately, that’s not true. As former WWE author Vince Russo recently pronounced on his Nuclear Heat podcast (h/t Wrestling Inc.), Raw had a same PG rating in both The Attitude Era and The Reality Era: 

People contend it can’t be dangerous and out of a box since it’s TV-PG. [The Attitude Era] was TV-PG, a same accurate rating, and we saw language, assault and sexuality … WWE is nowhere nearby a TV-PG line, they’re TV-PC, politically correct. That’s what they’re rated. Their stipulations have zero to do with a TV-PG rating.

Russo’s right. WWE is some-more endangered with sketch a far-reaching assembly than formulating constrained stories for a doctrinaire fanbase. In some ways, it should be: WWE is a publicly traded association that needs a sundry fanbase from all generations to watch TV shows, buy sell and attend live shows. 

It’s not only Russo complaining. According to WrestleZone, former WWE NXT Creative Assistant Rob Naylor pronounced WWE’s problem is that a association as a whole is complacent: “There needs to be a COMPLETE renovate from [WWE Executive Producer Kevin] Dunn and how a uncover is shot and produced. It’s only SO SAMEY. Every week, same template. It’s all got to change. Presentation, demeanour of a show, all a tropes need to be phased out.”


Small Surprises Can Make a Big Difference

In some obtuse angles, WWE showed that it does have a ability for change. 

The warn coming by Tommy Dreamer to group with The Dudley Boyz opposite The Wyatt Family combined a outrageous pop. It was an organic surprise: Dreamer and The Dudleys’ tie is simply justified, a need for De’Von and Bubba Ray to have backup apparent. 

Credit: WWE.com

Will there be a four-on-four tab compare with another ECW Superstar? Will we see tables, ladders, chairs or all of a above concerned in their match? No one knows, though everybody will be seeking those questions and articulate about that moment. It was a tiny further to a teenager storyline argument that will keep doctrinaire fans interested. 

In another move, after months of floundering with a Divas Revolution angle, WWE showed signs that it’s prepared to pierce on from a unsuccessful group concept. Having Divas champion Charlotte lie in her compare opposite crony Becky Lynch, in a non-title compare no less, is certain to emanate passion among a NXT call-ups. 

Giving Charlotte heat, carrying her father, Ric Flair, complicit in her actions, and carrying Paige call a compare and continue vocalization truths about a multiplication were all good touches. It creates a Divas Championship story some-more compelling, something that’s been lacking for some-more than a year. 

WWE now needs to take a successive step and exercise such storytelling into many incomparable angles. By a approach a rest of Raw unfolded, however, that doesn’t seem to be function anytime soon.  


WWE’s Major Storytelling Problems Continue

The Nov. 30 part of Raw highlighted this problem via a show. A typically cold open, mixed disqualifications and diseased storytelling by many of Raw will certainly lead to another subpar display in a ratings this week. 

The using thread via Raw was Roman Reigns’ follow for Sheamus’ WWE Heavyweight Chaampionship, a judicious angle that could have been so many better. 

The night started with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon charity Roman Reigns a challenge: He could retrieve a WWE pretension if he kick Sheamus in 5 mins and 15 seconds or less. Lose, and he would remove his pretension shot during a arriving pay-per-view, WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs.  

Unfortunately, WWE took a good thing and went too far. The Authority told Reigns’ counterparts, Dean Ambrose and The Usos, that they would also remove their pretension shots during WWE TLC if Reigns lost. This guaranteed a Reigns victory, either by pin, count-out or disqualification, as WWE has built programs for those Superstars streamer into a vital pay-per-view. 

WWE telegraphed a outcome, something doctrinaire fans knew a impulse a threats were issued. 

WWE Creative wants fans to negligence all that’s happened months, weeks, even days prior; to turn mislaid in a impulse and postpone disbelief. Raw is being created as an episodic comedy when instead it should be following a footsteps of long-running shows like E.R., where tract inclination from a past sojourn applicable in a present.

Could Reigns have won Monday night, prisoner a bullion and still headlined WWE TLC 2015 with Sheamus? Absolutely. It would have been a finish snake for fans, who no longer design titles to change hands outward of pay-per-view events. 

Instead, WWE gave a fans a fake finale (one of 4 during a evening, if anyone was counting) and a successive multi-person encumber tab group match, WWE’s go-to categorical eventuality of late. 

Lather, rinse, repeat is a sign for WWE Creative of late, that is a reason WWE’s ratings continue to plummet. 

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