WWE’s Xavier Woods during CEO 2016: ‘Without video games, we don’t consider I’d be where we am today’

June 26, 2016 - WWE

2:42 AM ET

Thousands of people collected to contest during a ballroom Wyndham Orlando Resort this weekend. Esports fans and veteran gamers from all around came together to play an array of fighting games. One doubtful competitor, a WWE’s World Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods, one third of television’s many dear tab organisation trio, The New Day, tells me he feels right during home.

Unannounced and unscheduled for an entrance during Community Effort Orlando, Woods showed adult to settle a video diversion adversary with New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Kenny Omega in a ring. But distinct their day jobs, this ring wasn’t for clotheslines or chokeslams. It was for Street Fighter V.

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  • Woods, for his part, mislaid in a adversary muster compare streamed on Capcom Fighter’s Twitch channel. He told me a improved left him a bit “salty,” though he’s carrying a good and illusory time usually attending.

    “I’m kind of upset,” he said. “I was unequivocally assured going in. we was unequivocally confident, even by a center of it when we was removing beat, that’d I’d come back, and afterwards we didn’t. I’m going to go play Dance Dance Revolution to make me feel better.”

    Woods is no foreigner to a gaming world. In his gangling time, when not being a WWE superstar, he plays video games with friends and filming it for his YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown. For a past year, Woods has run a channel in partial with a team. Unlike many, however, Woods is a healthy with games; it’s something he says he has finished his whole life.

    “When we was a child, we wanted to be a pro kickboxer, a pro wrestler and a pro video diversion developer,” he said. “So we got absolved of kickboxing given we attempted it once as a child, and we was like, ‘Oh, someone usually kicked me in my temple, and that doesn’t feel unequivocally good.’ But afterwards wrestling, things like that happens, though a climax and a roving to opposite places and everything, it’s very, unequivocally fun to me. But it’s also a unequivocally heated grind. It’s like my initial love, so that’s what we wanted to do. But video games were always there for me.”

    He pronounced games as a child helped him overcome a bit of amicable awkwardness — something tough to suppose for those who have seen him usually on inhabitant radio with his group. Encouraged by his mother, Woods generally interacted with other children while gaming. That external countenance of himself became some-more repeated as his mom set adult playdates with other children.

    “Without video games, we don’t consider I’d be where we am currently with anything else in life,” he said.

    Furthermore, his idea for his channel and appearances during events such as this is to uncover kids identical to him during his childhood that they too can find somewhere they fit in and are accepted.

    “I always wish to make certain that I’m means to put a spotlight on that for kids who competence be in a same position and competence feel a tiny ungainly or competence get done fun of for reading comic books and staying adult compartment 4 in a morning personification Sonic,” he said. “I wish to uncover them that, no, that things is overwhelming and fun and that look, we can go be CEO and make a ton of money, and we can be in an overwhelming fighting diversion community.”

    He pronounced his success as an hostess stems from saying what video diversion characters do. On television, as Xavier Woods and The New Day, he’s famous for being a funny, upbeat impression on a WWE roster. At Wrestlemania 32 in April, he and tab organisation partners Kofi Kingston and Big E came out of a box of “Booty-O’s,” a travesty cereal code done after a trio.

    “I wish to be drastic like Cloud, and we wish to be humorous like Crash Bandicoot and Sonic,” he said. “There’s so many opposite things. we wish we was flexible like Spider-Man and all we do that draws on a childhood inspirations and a adulthood inspirations, for that matter. They’re unequivocally a reason how we am, how we am currently given we was a smaller kid, who was a nerd.”

    As a child, he pronounced he was beaten adult by other kids given he was comparatively small, and he has clear memories of those days. But it done him who he is.

    “Having those things occur to me has incited me into what we am today, and now those kids who were meant to me when we was little, they’re like, ‘Oh, hey, can we pointer my movement figure for my kid?'” he said. “It comes full circle. You can contend success is a best revenge. Having those practice and afterwards sketch on video games has shown me that we don’t ever need to censor what we am. This is me.”

    As an athlete, Woods is still unequivocally most a “nerd.” He pronounced he’s crazy for games, and it’s what he, and now many of his wrestling peers by relation, enjoy. He has gotten his tab organisation partner, Kofi Kingston, into video games more, so most that Kingston recently bought a PlayStation 4, according to Woods.

    “Kofi now has his PlayStation, A.J.’s got a PlayStation, and Aiden English has one, so, like, it’s like an arcade backstage,” he said. “It’s cold given a approach a jobs are, there’s like a lot of down time, so it’s a approach to keep dignified high in a locker room. It’s like any job, there are people we hang out with and people we don’t. So we feel like bringing some-more video games in a locker room has helped move some-more people together.”

    But infrequent gaming isn’t all a WWE superstars are doing. According to Woods, they have an annual in-house Madden football tournament, that is entrance adult shortly this year. Woods pronounced things such as that have done a WWE register that’s concerned some-more of a “brotherhood.”

    “We’re all in a room, and we’re all carrying fun, and it’s brought all of us most closer together, that we like given this is, this is a brotherhood,” he said. “It’s a home divided from home. It’s a second life given we don’t get to see a families all a time, we don’t get to do what quote, unquote standard people get to do. This is a approach to kind of assuage being on a highway 300+ days of a year.”

    The gaming destiny of Woods is still unequivocally bright, as well. He pronounced he wants to continue doing UpUpDownDown and furnish gaming content, both when during home or when on a highway with a WWE lineup.

    “I’m unequivocally usually carrying fun creation content, and I’m anticipating with a channel that we can continue to make more,” he said. “Like a report is that we unequivocally have 4 videos a week, though afterwards I’ll do unboxings, so that’s another additional one. And afterwards if anything drops in a center of a week, like if we wouldn’t be on a report show, I’ll try to do some some-more of that.”

    When we ask him if he has anything to contend before we pointer off, he said, “Stay in school, kids, and make certain that we play a lot of Street Fighter, generally if you’re going to play someone during a contest in front of a lot of people, so we don’t get beat.”

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